What is „Workship“?

Workship is a week spent working for people who need our help. There are two main dimensions Workship: “Work” and “worship”. We understand “Work” as an opportunity to meet other people. “Worship” is the spiritual dimension, it is an opportunity to meet God in prayer and worship.
There are four groups of people participating on Workship:
• Volunteers
• People we help
• The locals
• Workship team
With each group we share different values. With volunteers we share the internationality, the voluntary work as a meaningful thing do, the friendship. With people we help we share ouractual work we do for them, we are being close to them, having talks with them. With the locals we spend time on our evening events where we are show them how we live the gospel. And within the workship team we share our oblate mission and charisma.

Usual daily program:
7:30   mass celebration (free will)
8:00   morning workout “Let’s dance”
8:05   breakfest
8:40   participants are divided into “job” groups
9:00 – 16:00 work
16:30   return
18:00   dinner
20:00   cultural program (open-air cinema, theatre, evening with children)

On Thursday we go on a trip.
On Friday evening is barbecue only for participants of Workship.

It is not an easy thing to describe what Workship is but here is a link for short Worskhip video.

Basic information:

This year Workship has been canceled
Location: Manětín 253, 331 62 Manětín, Czech Republic
Work places: Surroundings Manětín, Nečtiny and Plasy
Accomodation: Bring your sleeping bag and sleeping mat, please. A roof over your head and sanitary facilities are available.
Registration fee: 20 €
Number of places: Number of volunteers per provinces is restricted to 3,

contact Vlastimil Kadlec to see if there is still a place for you

Age limitation: 18 – 35 years
Registration:  registration form


The Workship is prepared by the oblate youth group called „OMIgang“ with support and leading by the Oblate community in Plasy, Czech Republic.

If you need any information please contact Vlastimil Kadlec (vlastimil@oblati.cz, oblate responsible for international cooperation) or Petr Dombek (dombek@oblati.cz, oblate in charge of Workship)